buzzard wireless charging solution

for industrial electric vehicles
No more extended downtime for recharging. Thanks to the buzzard, your industrial electric vehicles work 24/7 for you

Say goodbye to traditional charging methods !

buzzard is growing at a fast pace ! Multipowr launches its latest product – buzzard80 - during the LogiMAT 2024 fair on March 19th in Stuttgart.

The buzzard80 redefines charging capabilities, delivering 80 amps and 160 amps in parallel to batteries. Imagine the possibilities for faster and more efficient operations! ⚡

🏭 Industrial design meets user-friendly interfaces in perfect harmony with the buzzard80. From hardware to software, we've crafted an integration experience like no other, tailored to seamlessly fit your needs. 💡

💪 Unmatched power density sets the buzzard80 apart, ensuring a hassle-free and space-efficient installation in industrial electric vehicles. Form and function have never been this optimized!

Get ready to embrace the future of wireless charging.

Meet the buzzard

A wireless charging solution for industrial electric vehicles

Do you want your automated industrial electric vehicles to operate fully autonomously?
And to perform 24/7, without any extended downtime for recharging?

Then charge them with Multipowr’s buzzard, the most advanced wireless inductive charging solution on the market.

One that stands out thanks to its compact size, safety features, and unrivaled charging efficiency.

Discover buzzard

What do you gain by choosing the buzzard?

  • Your industrial electric vehicles perform 24/7
  • No more human handling for recharging
  • No need for maintenance
  • Your batteries last longer compared to wired and contact charging
  • Increased safety compared to wired and contact charging

Ultra-compact cutting-edge charging solution

The buzzard is the latest development in wireless charging of industrial electric vehicles.

It features a sleek minimalist, but compact design. It can be side and floor mounted, and it can be used outdoors. buzzard is compatible with all kinds of batteries and comes with all kinds of safety features.