About Multipowr

Multipowr is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in wireless charging solutions for automated applications in industrial electric vehicles, such as AGVs.

The company leverages two decades of research to develop state of the art charging solutions. It features a highly skilled engineering team with decades of experience in wireless charging and a proven technology that has overcome all growth-related challenges. Rely on a trusted and seasoned player that knows what it’s doing and is dedicated to innovation in order to adapt rapidly to the fast-paced, evolving demands of the industry.

Why choose Multipowr

Fast and top-notch support

You receive all the necessary manuals, technical datasheets, and communication kits to install and calibrate the buzzard. In addition, our engineering team provides comprehensive support - online, via video, and on-site if necessary.

In-house prototyping and production facilities

Multipowr boasts an extensive engineering team, a fast prototyping workshop, and its own production facilities. This enables us to adapt the buzzard to your specific requirements.

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