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Ultra-compact cutting-edge charging solution

The buzzard is the latest development in wireless charging of industrial electric vehicles. Its products range from 1.5kW to 8.4kW or 20A to 120A current.

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What’s so cutting edge about the buzzard?


In proportion to the amount of energy transferred, buzzard charging pads are the most compact in the market.

Extra safe.

The buzzard comes with all kinds of safety features that protect it against overcharging, overheating, and other potential hazards.

Battery compatibility.

The buzzard is compatible with every battery type.

Can be used outdoors.

The buzzard charging module is completely enclosed. And therefore 100% water- and dustproof. Moreover, it does not cool itself with a fan, but with an aluminium heat sink. As a result, it requires no maintenance, and the risk of getting damaged is reduced.

Side and floor mounted.

You can attach the buzzard's charging pad to a wall or charging pole. Or you mount the charging pad in or on the floor. This way, your vehicles charge themselves by parking above the charging pad.

Sleek, minimalist design.

Fits any setting, whether industrial warehouses or beautiful office and hospital environments

Maximize the uptime of your industrial electric vehicles

Do you use AGVs (automated guided vehicles), AMRs (autonomous mobile robots), warehouse shuttles, disinfectant robots, or even drones as part of your daily work processes?

Undoubtedly, they add fantastic value to your business. The only thing is, they don’t work entirely autonomously yet. And most importantly: it takes a lot of time to recharge them. Time in which they stand still and have no value for you.

By switching to the buzzard wireless charging solution, you solve both problems. Because your vehicles charge themselves without anyone needing to lift a finger. And they perform non-stop, 24/7, for you.

As a result, you'll maximize their output - count on a performance gain of around 30%. And you might need to purchase fewer of them. Anyway, by turning to contactless inductive charging, you take another big step towards warehouse 4.0 and full automation of your internal logistics processes.

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